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Monday, August 13, 2012

Radio Mantra back with 'Double Hafta Vasool'

Radio Mantra is back with its unique programming initiative ‘Double Hafta Vasool’, a socially relevant contest that rewards citizens who file their Income Tax Return on time.

The contest requires participants to answer four questions to win double of their week salary and will air ‘Tax-O-Mania’, a segment which talks about all the information regarding filing the Income Tax. The contest will air in the evening drive time show Route no 919 and will culminate on 4 August

The competition aims to promote the filing of Income tax returns and also appreciates and encourages those citizens who believe in the system.

Radio Mantra national programming head Kanwar Sameer said, “You get what you deserve. What’s better than winning half a month’s salary, especially when you are filing or have just filed your ITR. Double Hafta Vasool (DHV) is Radio Mantra’s way of saying thank you to our listeners who contribute toward’s this country’s development and well being by paying taxes.”   

Sunday, January 8, 2012

And Radio Mantra Made Me Late for Office!

After Radio Mirchi and Big FM I just came to know that people are also looking for Radio Mantra online. Now they want radio mantra online to listen amazing songs as well as RJ's gossips and some advertising :) that might irritate you.

I remember, When i firstly heard radio mantra, i used to be fan of it's tag line "Aaya Hai Mera Naya hum dam, Radio Manta!! Naye Jamane Ki Naye Dhun, Radio Mantra!!" and then they talk about it's frequency and all that ads. I also used to listen Radio Mirchi Jalandhar where i have given my interview but not selected as my Punjabi was so week. Anyways, we are talking about Radio Mantra 91.9, Life Ka Mantra! When i tuned in my mobile to Radio Mantra, there was playing some devotional songs as it was quite morning time and after a while some Bollywood songs starts making me happy :) I remember the first song was from "Don 2".. Mai Hoon Don.. after that i don't know what i listened on it as i got busy with my work.

And when i saw watch for time, i was afraid; got late for office! Shit!! and i become like Rawalpindi Express and got ready to go. and in the evening, i am writing it here and sharing with you guys. Keep listening Radio Mantra 91.9, Life Ka Mantra.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

And There is No News of Radio Mantra 91.9 FM

Being a Radio Junky, I love to write about radios and it we talk about Radio Mantra 91.9 FM then we can’t forget the tagline i.e. Life Ka Mantra!! I dunno these days what happened with Radio Mantra?? Nobody wanna go for Radio Mantra to promote their film as I have been thinking about; Even not Himesh Reshmiyan? It’s been popularity vise Mantra has rejected by the film makers, actors and directors? Well whatever reason it is but this is really make me sad.

Where are the mantras of life; is it been finished? By tagline I was supposed to join Radio Mantra previously but I rejected  that the day I never forget but I was happy that I have been with Big FM 92.7 FM that’s it the benefit of mine but I really prey for Radio Mantra that soon it will come on track.

You guys keep listening to Radio Mantra…Life ka Mantra!!

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Listen Radio Mantra 91.9 Life ka Mantra!

Hey there, I know you are wanting to listen Radio Mantra online but doesn’t get any website where you can listen it online without having any problem, hey ….i have the solutions you can listen online radio from this website where you can listen Radio Mantra online 91.9 fm. I would like to share the link, which I get recently, and sharing with all of you.

According to Radio Mantra, Naye Jamane ki Naye dhun , Radio Mantra. Radio Mantra Life ka Mantra.

Radio Mantra the place where you will discover all the Mantra of life As business mantra, love mantra, school mantra and many – many mantra, Hey there, now tell me who is not listening Radio Mantra and why…?

I am just suggesting all of you to listen Radio Mantra where you can get new-new mantra of life, which helps you to get success in the life… now start out listening Radio Mantra from this blog! Just created for you guys who don’t have time to go with radio so you can listen Radio Mantra online here! Have a successful life you everyone.

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