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Thursday, September 15, 2011

And There is No News of Radio Mantra 91.9 FM

Being a Radio Junky, I love to write about radios and it we talk about Radio Mantra 91.9 FM then we can’t forget the tagline i.e. Life Ka Mantra!! I dunno these days what happened with Radio Mantra?? Nobody wanna go for Radio Mantra to promote their film as I have been thinking about; Even not Himesh Reshmiyan? It’s been popularity vise Mantra has rejected by the film makers, actors and directors? Well whatever reason it is but this is really make me sad.

Where are the mantras of life; is it been finished? By tagline I was supposed to join Radio Mantra previously but I rejected  that the day I never forget but I was happy that I have been with Big FM 92.7 FM that’s it the benefit of mine but I really prey for Radio Mantra that soon it will come on track.

You guys keep listening to Radio Mantra…Life ka Mantra!!


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